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We take care of those who take care

It all started with a conversation which revealed that too little was implemented to support aid and social workers in the world. We then decided to help them to prevent and overcome stress-related issues with a variety of effective and powerful tools derived from the practice of hypnosis. Holding a diploma certified by A.R.C.H.E.*, our volunteers all have a high level of professionalism, specific skills for each mission and a genuine passion for human beings.

*Académie de Recherche et de Connaissance en Hypnose Ericksonienne

Our story

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Our tools


We share easy and powerful tools with humanitarians that help them be more resilient and preserve their own mental health and psychological integrity when they support people.


 We offer aid workers a private one-on-one appointments with one of our hypnotherapists to address their personal issues.

We supported

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Our therapeutic approach has been helping many aid workers on many aspects of their life such as empowerment in managing emotions, performance and motivation increase, and release from past conditioning and potential traumas.

Our experience

We shared our thoughts and feelings after our first mission in Greece.

70 to 89% of humanitarians have faced mental health issues due to their job*

*«The Importance of Mental Well-Being for Health Professionals During Complex Emergencies: It is time we take it seriously», in Glob Health Sci Pract., June 2017

You can make a difference

At the heart of any crisis worldwide are humanitarian aid workers and too little is done to create a chain of support to them.

Any question?

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