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They are men and women from different countries; they are nurses, logisticians, interpreters, shelter experts, coordinators, etc. They have all made this choice to be at the side of the victims to provide assistance of all sorts, comfort and sometimes protection.

Lora Pappa

Founder and President of METAdrasi

I would like to thank you and your amazing team from the bottom of my heart for your great work and kind offer to support our organization. People arrive everyday in Greece, many of which are unaccompanied minors, victims of tortute and victims of GBV. Thus, METAdrasi's teams have to deal everyday with an immense amount of stress and pressure, to achieve, overcome and exceed the ongoing and never ending needs for helping these people in need. It has been a very kind gift of yours to voluntarily provide your services - METAdrasi's team and I, personally, would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation. We frankly do hope that you visit us again.

Lora Pappa, METAdrasi


Educational Dept

Already after 24 hours, I am very impressed. I felt relieved very quickly during the session. It's as if I've been on a long vacation that feels very good! It was really a great gift from ASBB to introduce me to hypnosis in order to reduce stress-related consequences. I really hope you will come back soon and regularly. Thank you! 

R, Educational Dept


Thank you for introducing me to hypnosis. I am delighted because I felt better immediately. When I arrived I was sad, lost and anxious and now I feel happy and delivered, thanks to simple exercises I will be able to practice and it is a precious help to continue my job. Thank you very much ASBB!

D, interpreter 

Eleni Fcharisto


Working at the RIC of Samos, Greece, at the heart of the migration and refugee crisis in Greece and Europe can be very challenging. Vincent and his team (during a stress-management workshop) provided me and my team not only with invaluable moments of relaxation, but also with key tools and techniques to deal with stressful situations daily! Vincent and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them! 

Eleni Fcharisto, METAdrasi

" All that is not given is lost. "

– Hasari Pal

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