Arche Suisse Beyond Borders (ASBB) is a Swiss-based non-profit organisation founded in 2018 by Kevin Finel, Founder & CEO of ARCHE, and Vincent Hürner, CEO of ARCHE Switzerland.


​Our mission is to help Humanitarians prevent and overcome stress related issues.  We are offering group  training and individual sessions wherever and whenever needed, be it at Headquarters or directly on the field.


Its team is composed of seasoned professionals in stress and trauma management who can be deployed all over the world. ​


They are all Hypnotherapists certified by ARCHE, engaged in a continuing training process and supervision. They also benefit from special trainings provided by Arche Suisse Beyond Borders for on-the-field missions. ASBB carefully recruits its volunteers based on their high level of professionalism and skills needed for each mission, but also on their genuine passion for human beings. 


ARCHE is one of the leading school of hypnosis in Europe, with offices in Paris, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Brussels and Geneva. Training hundreds of practitioners each year, ARCHE has strong partnerships with hospitals, universities and business schools, as well as its own research center on hypnosis, modified states of consciousness and its numerous applications.

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