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Our actions in Greece

24 November - 1 December 2018

14-18 September 2019

We went twice to Greece to support various associations and especially MetaDrasi. Their teams have to deal everyday with an immense amount of stress and pressure, to achieve, overcome and exceed the ongoing and never ending needs of refugees during their arrival in Greece.

We conducted more than 100 hypnosis sessions and over 10 workshops on stress management for their teachers, coordinators, interpreters, program managers, administrative and support staff of these organizations.

We realized they often silence or undermine their needs because they think they are not as worthy as those of the refugees...That makes them give and give without taking time to recharge their batteries and just listen to their own personal needs.

During our mission, we have visited and worked on the refugees camps on the islands Lesbos, Samos and Chios to understand the context, the conditions and to meet the people. We met many incredible people who really opened their heart, shared their personal fears and stories with us. We saw so many smiling faces, so many tears and so much courage during the whole stay.

We take care of those who take care !


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