Today's World instability implies that a growing number of world's citizens are more and more dependent on humanitarian aid to survive. Armed conflicts and environmental issues are causing vast movements of population towards more stable and prosperous areas. 


In the heart of these crisis are Aid Workers. They are exposed to tough working and living conditions, have to deal with extreme suffering and stress daily, degraded sanitary conditions, epidemies and death. Depending on the area of deployment  they are also often risking their own life, with a huge tribute paid each year and growing(1).


Consequences of such exposure are tremendous. Various studies show that 70 to 89% of Humanitarians worldwide are suffering various mental health issues related to their work ranging from high stress level to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and depression(2). 


We, at ARCHE SUISSE BEYOND BORDERS, realized that little was infact implemented to support « those who support ». Even in large NGOs, little seems to be done to create a chain of support to those on the field or even in the offices.


Our mission is to help Humanitarians prevent and overcome stress related issues.  We are offering group  training and individual sessions wherever and whenever needed, be it at Headquarters or directly on the field. Our interventions can be scheduled prior to a mission, during deployment or after the home coming.


All our staff is composed of seasoned hypnotherapists certified and regularly trained by Arche, one of the leading schools of hypnosis in Europe.


We also offer constant opportunities for Arche-certified hypnotherapists to join our team and participate to our on-the-field missions. 


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(1) OCHA United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, "Aid Workers deaths : the numbers tell the story", Adele Harmer, August 2018


(2) "The Importance of Mental Well-Being for Health Professionals During Complex Emergencies : It is time we take it seriously", in Glob Health Sci Pract., June 2017

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